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Magic Dave's Walk-around Magic Performances


Boston Mentalist and Magician David Hall can create a unique combination of wonder, fun and sheer enjoyment for all your guests.

Boston Mentalist and Magician David Hall and his witty sense of humor, charming personality and amazing walk-around, up-close, sleight-of-hand magic and Mind Reading will get people talking, laughing and having a great time, a sure ice-breaker for any event.

walkaround magic
walk-around magic

Walk Around Magic or Close-Up Magic Show

Walk Around Magic
Consists of mind reading tricks and magic that happen right in front of the spectator's eyes. Moving from person to person and group to group, Boston Mentalist and Magician David performs mini-magic shows packed with surprises, such as bending a quarter with the simplest gesture of my mind, disappearing and reappearing transformed material (such as a $1 into a $100 bill), evoking techniques of telekinesis. These tricks happen right in front of the volunteers, often while they are holding the object in their own hands, for the entire audience to witness. This performance also consists of showcasing mind-reading techniques, where David reveals some internal thoughts of audience members. This performance modality is an excellent cocktail hour icebreaker and he knows how to keep the fun rolling. This intimate approach of surprises and magnetism evokes a visceral effect for your guests. Guards are let down. Laughter gets going. And the room takes on an upbeat dynamic.
Close-Up Magic Show
Settings are within small spaces (e.g., restaurants, conference rooms, homes) where you can sit back and relax in your living room with your best friends and a few cocktails and be entertained. This approach is a blend of witty comedy and amazing sleight of hand and unbelievable mindreading. This is a great finale after your dinner party or social gathering.
Walk-around Magic Show

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