Boston Mentalist

Boston Corporate Entertainment – Antonina & David The Mentalists

This International duo has captivated many audiences around the country performing their interactive mind reading show. What makes these multi talented performers show truly unique is they not only entertain you, but make you a part of the mind blowing experience that is mentalism.  Antonina & David offer an up close roving performance as well as a stand up show. Please see info on both performances below:

Stand Up Show 

After Dinner Stand Up Show:

Antonina & David perform an amazing and interactive mind reading show. Get ready to be engaged and entertained by their uncanny ability to read the thoughts of audience volunteers, make astounding predictions and uncover and expose other mysteries and coincidences.

Close Up - Roving Duo

Walk-Around / Roving Performance:

This is a great addition to an event as this performance allows Antonina and David to move from group to group as a duo and performance of up close slight of hand magic and mind reading tricks.  This type of performance works great as a ice breaker during the cocktail hour.

Combo Show 

Combo Show – cocktail hour + after dinner show

This type of performance works great for a corporate event.  Antonina & David start the evening by engaging the audience during the cocktail hour with close up mind reading / magic effects.  Then after the dinner is over they continue their performance by wowing the guests with an amazing mind reading show.

Please visit their website for more information about booking a performance.