mind reading SHow

Prepare to be Entertained

Mind Reading Show performed by Antonina & David

Mentalists Antonina & David perform an extraordinary mind reading show with elements of telepathy.

Their show has been described as “extremely interactive and mind-blowing”. It includes many amazing effects, such as revealing thoughts, future predictions and many unbelievable coincidences.

Based out of Boston, MA, this international couple has captivated many audiences around the country performing their show. They have also toured internationally, performing on various cruise tours spanning over 14 countries.

In fact, one of the highlights of their show is a telepathy act.  This act is rarely seen nowadays and is considered a unique performance art.  Moreover, it was originally a specialty act during the times of Vaudeville theater.

In addition to mentalism, Antonina and David also have theatrical training in improvisation, sketch and comedy.  Also, David is a nationally touring comedy hypnotist.

Also, these entertainers regularly perform their show as well as a walk-around performances for college, corporate and private events.

Overall, what makes these multitalented performers’ show truly unique is that they not only entertain you, but also make you a part of the mind-blowing experience that is mentalism.

“You blew the crowd out of the water! Everyone was so impressed! Everyone is still talking about the mind-blowing things you did!”