Antonina & David The Mentalists

Show Introduction

This International couple has captivated many audiences around the country performing their interactive mind reading show. What makes these multi talented performers show truly unique is they not only entertain you, but make you a part of the mind-blowing experience that is mentalism. Get ready to be mesmerized, please welcome to the stage – Antonina & David.

David Hall Comedy Hypnotist

david hall comedy hypnotist

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cards against hypnosis poster

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Show Introduction

Tonight our entertainer has noted to have captivated many audiences performing his interactive comedy hypnosis show called “Cards Against Hypnosis” . What makes this performer’s show truly unique is that he will not only entertain you, but also make you a part of the mind blowing experience that is hypnotism. Prepare to be compelled by a performance that will literally leave you in a trance…. Welcome to the stage – hypnotist David Hall.