Trade Show Magician

Mix of Magic & Mind reading

Trade show Magician

Trade show magician & Mentalist David Hall is a business savvy entertainer with a degree in management, marketing and sales.
He has been performing at different conventions for many years.  He has helped many different companies generate more leads and expand their brand awareness within their industries.  David is also well known in a corporate entertainment world.  
Using a blend of magic and mind reading effects he is able to cause a buzz at the convention in which many attendees will be searching for your booth.
As a matter of fact, David has a great skill set to bring attendees to your booth. 
– He will gather a crowd around your booth.
– By using a blend of magic and mind reading he will captivate a crowd while communicating about the features, advantages and benefits of your product throughout his performance. 
– Once the performance is  concluded, he will introduce your sales team to the spectators to answer any questions. This will allow your team members to potentially generate a business deal.  
Use David’s trade show magician & mentalist’s skills to distinguish your trade show booth above the other competition!
In addition to a solo act he also offers a performance with his partner Antonina.  Please see more about their show here
Contact David to see how he can make your next trade show a huge success. 
trade show magician
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“We got 178 new leads. We were very impressed with David’s performance”