2 great shows for your next college or university event! 

Cards Against Hypnosis Show

Cards Against Hypnosis is David Hall’s latest interactive; laugh out loud, drop-to-your knees funny, comedy hypnosis show!
In between each skit David will throw a ball in to the crowd in which a random audience member who catches the ball will be shown 2 large cards. First is a black card with a scenario/skit, followed by a white card with possible outcomes. Based on the audience members decision that skit will be performed by the hypnotized participants on stage.
This unpredictable show gives a truly unique experience for the hypnotized participants as well as the audience. The show has been described as “jaw dropping” “hilarious” and “downright fun.”

Duo Mind Reading Show

Antonina & David perform an extraordinary show of mind reading and telepathy. Their show has been described as “extremely interactive and mind blowing”. It includes: revealing thoughts, future predictions and many unbelievable coincidences. This international mind reading couple is based out of Boston MA, but travels all over the country performing their show. The aspects that make their show unique include training in improvisational, sketch and comedy theater. David also has specialized training in hypnosis from the stage hypnosis center in Las Vegas. This double threat mind reading team brings a unique multicultural mind reading performance that makes for an unforgettable show.