Mentalist for welcome week events – 5 reasons to bring a Mentalist to your campus

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When it comes to planning Welcome week events, without a doubt, there are a lot of options for entertainment. 

I find this particular time of the year one of the busiest times on my schedule. Having a mentalist for a welcome week becomes more and more popular. When I talk to my clients I highlight few reasons why I find this performance to be a great fit for this specific event.

  1. Great way to meet new friends

What’s the better way to meet new people than share an experience together! After the show, I get some groups of people approach me with questions/ conversations. A lot of times they don’t even know each other but common topic helps them to get to meet each other and potentially become friends in the future.

2. Engaging performance

Having a mentalist for welcome week is a great way to engage people, have them laugh and participate in an experience of a mind reading.That also sets a high energy for upcoming events and gets students excited to attend them.

Not to mention, a stage performance also involves a lot of guest volunteers and is very interactive.

3. Unique performance

If a school wants to have a special type of entertainment for the event, they think of a mentalist performance. Hiring a mentalist for a welcome week event is a great way to surprise your students, as this act is unique and rare. A lot of times people don’t event know who the mentalist is and they are very intrigued to see and experience the performance.

4. Easy set up for the performance 

 Depending on the location of the event, there are slightly different setups for the show. Overall, the easy setup of the show allows it to take place in any type of space: ballrooms, outside events, theaters, etc. Performance can take place on a stage/ riser or on a flat floor.In addition, it doesn’t matter how large or small your event is, there is a possibility to perform a stage show for any size of the audience.

5. Memorable performance

Last but not least, mentalist performance can certainly create a memorable experience for your students. We have had guests approach us after the event or even months later at repetitive events, where they still were mesmerized  by mind reading effects we have performed for them. Sometimes they even save an “evidence” ( such as family member’s name, a playing card that they have signed) and show us months later that they still have it !

Overall, I hope you find this article helpful and I wish you a great luck in planning your next event!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our shows.

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